2019, the year of giving and growth

Facing the edge of the Earth (okay so it was Arthurs Seat in Edinburgh.. but close enough)

Facing the edge of the Earth (okay so it was Arthurs Seat in Edinburgh.. but close enough)

Firstly, thank you for allowing me the time to be with my family and friends. Such a gift it was to be able to fully indulge in the company of loved ones. I feel so lucky.

2018 brought with it change. Change in address, change in hemisphere, change in language and change in career. I have been in a whirlwind of emotions, feeling lost in the time I have been bestowed since leaving retail. Moving to Germany has been an exciting challenge. I’ve experienced new depths in my mind, foreign concepts and Bavarian Christmas culture (fabulous, may I add). I have so many wonderful souls around me, all guiding with their light. These individuals have been both my comfort and joy.

I learnt a few key lessons in 2018, that I will take with me into this year. Life is short, and meandering. It takes 15 seconds to let bad feelings grow or let that shit go. Sometimes it is okay to be selfish. Coffee is amazing. Invest time in the things that are important, whether that be a hobby or a loved one. Anxiety is a bitch but only as much as you allow it. Finally, keep trying, and try again, once more.

In 2019 I aspire to grow, high and mighty. I aspire to keep reaching so that I may begin to reach out to each of those who reached out for me, and farther. I have experienced the gift of acceptance and support. I have learnt of resilience and strength. I have witnessed courage and love. I wish to give that back.

I will be more proactive going into 2019 with creating conversation with you, my readers. My friends and beloved supporters. I want to include you in the conversation of environment, of making art. Humans are collaborators by nature, we collaborate to create.

I hope you had a fulfilling Christmas and New Year period, and that you are doing things that fill your heart with joy, and enrich your mind.

I’m not one for resolutions, but New Year does feel magical in some way, don’t you agree? What did you learn from 2018? Did you make any resolutions for the New year?

Thank you for taking the time to welcome 2019 with me.

D x