December Finds - Christmas Gift Edition

I am enjoying my little haitus with family, but I couldn’t bare not sharing my fave finds of December, especially with it being Christmas and all! I got such awesome gifts for my birthday too that I just had to share the inspiration.

Christmas is a time of great consumerism. Why not find a way to give back more this year? Reconsider how you gift; second hand does not mean less valuable. New decor each year is unnecessary, gifts do not all have to be wrapped in plastic.

So, if you’re struggling with your last Christmas gifts, let me help you out. And remember, give a little more this year, with gifts that will keep on giving.

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 12.31.03 pm.png

My fave British Sustainable store has gone and made these awesome gift sets. From vegan essentials to Hair care, these are the best gifts, and easy on the eye too!

The packaging is all low waste and the items have been carefully handpicked by Plastic Freedom owner Beth. Alternatively, you can create your own box directly on the website. This gift is great if you want to support someone on their journey to a more ethical, sustainable lifestyle.

PS- I have this toothbrush and it is much nicer than a lot of the sustainable brushes I have used in the past!

Such beautiful products, this brand focuses not only on using natural ingredients, but they also make them here in the UK.

Such beautiful aesthetics, all items are handcrafted in an old converted barn, surrounded by veggie patches and the many ingredients used to make these yummy products.


I am obsessed. They made cups look so cool. I mean, look man, they are so sexy. You can get stainless steel or co- polymer, in a variety of sizes. They also retain heat or cold for 10 hours.

You can also get your name on them.. and Down Under they are offering limited edition Disney designs!

love-aesthetics-inflated-jewlery-collection-03 (1).jpg

Businesswoman, Creative and Instagram Influencer Ivania Carpio recently collaborated with Stilnest-Studio to create these beautiful made-to-order pieces.

Handmade using high quality stirling silver and 24 karat coating, the collection (called Inflated) takes inspiration from the contrast between disposable and durable.

‘Gold and plastic are seen as polar opposites on the spectrum of percieved value’ Ivania says of the designs.


THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME. 4ocean, an incredible brand dedicated to ocean cleanups, has created this wonderful new product that allows ‘normal people’ to get out there and do their bit.

The bag can hold 2 pounds of trash, and can be washed and reused as a beach tote.

This company also creates unique monthly bracelets from ocean rubbish, and donate percentages of their sales to multiple causes. For December they have turned their focus to Dolphins. This brand also offers all 12 limited edition bracelets in one gift set- removing 12 pounds from the ocean. This is a gift that really keeps on giving.

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 12.11.55 pm.png

Okay, so though I may be vegan I still feel this deserves recognition. IAMIMM is a brand for quality handmade leather shoes. The best part? The artisans are immigrants.

Not only does IAMIMM promote slow fashion, they are also transparent in all costs, meaning you know exactly where your money goes. These shoes are a brilliant gift for anybody looking for luxury with a little extra love.

This limited edition red pair is called the Mulan. If you’re gonna give animal products, this is the way to do it.


Who doesn’t love a gift set?! This one is by far one of the best out there right now. It saves the buyer £25 compared to buying all these bits separately. Best part is, this collection of goodies is ready to use.

90% of single use plastic comes from one of the ‘Big 4’, coffee cups, straws, water bottles and plastic bags. This gift will help your loved ones make the transition in style.

This gift set is available on Not on the Highstreet. I love doing my present shopping here because it supports independent brands and artisans.



PENGUINS <3 I discovered these fantastic notebooks in Brisbane a year ago. Since then I have done most of my blogging planning in my first purchase with them! It is an American brand but they have so many stockists including Amazon.

All diaries are made using 100% recycled paper. I can’t put into my own words how fantastic this is, so instead I will leave you with this information from the website:

Since we began selling Decomposition Books®, our use of 100% PCW-recycled paper has saved the equivalent of nearly 40,000 trees, over sixteen million gallons of wastewater and thousands of tons of CO2 and solid waste.


This wicked modeling clay is the best gift for littluns. Made from food grade ingredients, this all organic gift is friendly to the kids, the environment AND your bank account. Even the packaging is sustainable. WIN WIN!! But be quick! If you live outside of Denmark, you’ll want to order before the 17th December for it to arrive in time for Christmas!

Wooden toys are also a brilliant alternative for kids. 90% of toys are made from plastic and each year in the UK alone, around 8.5 million toys (both new and used) reach the landfill. 40% of these reach the landfill within 4 months of use. How could we change this? (all figures from Eco Birdy)


Anyone who knows me knows come winter, I can be found living in my bobble beanie. (just look at my insta!)

This red winter hat is cruelty free and mega cute! It also comes in beige, but I like the red because it brightens up this dreary European weather.

Cotton Wool is a great vegan alternative for winterwear.


When I saw this gift, I just said wow. Wow because I am an avid writer, and to see something so simple yet so beautiful is super exciting. Can you imagine getting this baby engraved for someone!

Another Not on the Highstreet find, this is one of those gifts that could really stand out. It makes conscious gifting even more suave and stylish. Someone get me one?

Each pen is handturned in Yorkshire using wood from the Speyside Cooperage in Scotland.


This is a sick company from Spain. This wallet is just lush, and considering it’s made from recycled truck tarp, I think this gift is rather swanky!

They also do wicked backpacks, handbags and purses for all genders. Go check them out, really, I am slightly obsessed.


I am sure the drinks will be flowing throughout the Xmas season, so why not give this awesome set of glasses to your loved one.

Made from used Corona bottles, this gift is both thoughtful and stylish. They also have other styles, but I love the logo on these. They are enough to style up any drink!


Chilly’s is by far the hottest reusable bottle brand right now. Coming in a variety of designs from Chrome, matte, colourful patterns and collaborative styles, there is definitely a bottle suited to your style.

This pic (from wicked Little Boutique Truro in Cornwall UK) shows just a few of their designs. My fave is by far their winter collection, which includes a London skyline design.

80% of plastic bottles never get recycled, so this is a great alternative to start the new year with.

I was a lucky bunny on my birthday, as my partner gifted me this awesome cork belt. Not only is it a brilliant vegan alternative to tan leather, but the belt is also made of super sustainable and tough cork, while the lining is 100% recycled paper.

The clothing brand also has a range of sustainable faux leather belts in brown and black, super cool cork wallets and my next purchase, a cork laptop cover.



If all else fails, why not give on behalf of another.

Every year, I buy my grandparents a slightly alternative gift. As a gift, in 2008 I adopted two tigers with Cerebral Palsy. In 2013 I adopted two horses at a Sanctuary they could visit.

This year, I will be giving nanna a bale of hay. She always says she has too much. Donating money in her name to her favourite cause is a special way to make a difference.

So, let me know what you think. Christmas is about giving of course, but as consumerism and quick culture grew, we lost sight of what giving really is. This year, reflect on the gifts you could give that actually make a difference. Could you give spare food to the food banks nearby? Could you spare a day at the local dog shelter? Could you give a gift to someone that in turn helps them on their journey to a life with less waste?

I would love to continue discussing Christmas in the countdown to the 25th. Let me know in the comments down below how you intend on celebrating Christmas this year.

D x