As a raving vegan and your very own savvy sustainable sista (ouch that was cheesy) I wanted to share with you my top 10 finds for the month. Consumerism becomes a frightening word when one begins discussing the environment, ethics and sustainability. When done right though, consumerism can do a lot of good. I am constantly on the look out for new and brilliant brands to support! Here’s my list for November.


These incredible (and surprisingly sizeable) handmade hoops from Chalk Designs are made to order using quality recycled materials. This collection is made in collaboration with London based ethical designer Gung-Ho. Plus, they donate a percentage of the proceeds to a cause helping the little bees, how cute!


I am so excited to get one of these badboys. Previously I discussed microplastic fibres in one of my posts, and the irreprable damage they do to our nature. These wicked washbags (as shown here by the awesome sustainable blogger Andrea at Nachhaltig Keit Warum Nicht ) filter the microfibres when you pop your clothes in the wash, stopping then from entering waterways. They’re best bought from Plastic Freedom as it keeps down postal waste and cost for EU people. They sell out quick too!


These incredible bowls are environmentally sound, sustainable, ethical and gorgeous. Super healthy Hippie Lane blogger Taline Gabriel collaborated with this awesome brand to create these limited edition designs with motivational captions. They also have smooth and raw finish bowls, as well as cutlery.


Ok, C’mon, you know this is pretty awesome. This unisex jumper is from one of my fave brands, Limpet Store. All handmade in SE London, this brand is ethically made and cruelty free, and their designs are pretty dope.


Anyone vegan knows that one of the biggest battle is SHOES. Fuck my life how difficult is it to find ethically made shoes that don’t look.. awful. Well, this Portuguese brand Ballūta was started up by a passionate woman, Catarina Pedroso, who wanted to bring together style and compassion.


This wicked company uses recycled plastics to create their sleek and sporty designs. I’m gagging over this rucksack. Their collection starts at just under 50, and the colours are banging. Remember to wash yours in a guppybag though, to keep those pesky plastic microfibres out of our precious oceans.


They’ve recycled plastics to create something new and beautiful. Everlane is a brand dedicated to actively promoting sustainable fashion through their hard work and dedication. Their ReNew collection is simple yet divine. Winterwear for everyone, they are paving the way for sustainable fashion! They even break down their costs on their website!


Designed by A Beautiful Weirdo, this eco glitter comes in three colours, silver, pink and this bluey green colour that is to die for. I am excited to order mine from the Byron based brand after seeing them stock with UK online store Plastic Freedom. GLITTER IS AWESOME AGAIN!!

ECOFFEE cups £11.95 +

The average single use coffee cup is used for 13 minutes. Only 1% of them get recycled. Ecoffee cups want to help us eliminate single use plastics one cup at a time. They have some sick patterns but I am gagging for this colour. It goes with my whole beige attire. Made with sustainable bamboo fibre, these cups are the way forward!


This genius company donates a whopping 50% of their profits to charities improving sanitary hygiene in developing countries. They are also fighting to eliminate waste; making loo roll out of bamboo and recycled paper. NO VIRGIN TREES USED HERE! You can even get a subscription. This one is a super limited colouring in edition.. I personally think this is the best Christmas present I could ever get. Mum, dad, are you paying attention?


From farming without pesticides to using lazers instead of bleach, Armed Angels work their hardest to create clothing with minimal cost to the environment. They believe in eco friendly, fair fashion. They also are working to help bees and promote chemical free dying techniques. Their jeans have become so popular they began selling out! This was earlier in October, so definitely get your pair before the Christmas period! And yes, they cater to everyone!

This book was featured on my insta before, and for good reason. You often find as an ‘eco warrior’ that you hear the same things, A LOT. This book is jam packed with good ideas, from roof top gardens to bike share programs and everything in between.

None of these are ads, all are genuine suggestions made by me (: