Doing Christmas the Green Way

With Christmas just around the corner, we are all on the lookout for ways to celebrate the festive season, whether it be giving gifts to loved ones or decorating our homes. (I’ll be busy getting drunk on Baileys and Eggnog, crying over that time Snape gave a locket to some work-hag over the ultimate babe, Nanny McPhee, a.k.a Beatrice).

Consumerism has had a firm hold on the Christmas holidays since the 1870’s, when Macy’s displayed gifts in their windows for the first time, and stores throughout the US commercialised Santa Claus as a result of the original publishing of Clemet Clarke Moore’s ‘Twas the night before Christmas’, written in the 1920’s. Since then, commercialism of the holidays has led to Christmas being the biggest consumer driven holidays in the western world.

I have seen so many inspirational posts from so many amazing people, all with the vision of creating a kinder, greener Christmas. I wanted to share with you some of my favourites, all in festive cheer! Here are 5 ways to reduce your waste this holiday season!!

1. Last Christmas, I gave you Pri-mark (vouchers)

Every year I love to spoil those closest to me ( I’m not getting anyone gifts this year though, my gift will be getting tipsy posting my Christmas story on Insta once I’ve paid my phone bill).

To give a gift can be a beautiful way of recognising your loved ones. The past few years I have found it my priority to give gifts from independent businesses, ethical brands and sustainable gifts. It can be a fun experience to hand pick sentimental items that you hope they will cherish and appreciate.

Also, if you haven’t already, pop over to the December instalment of Dion’s monthly finds. There you can find brilliant eco travel sets and sustainable accessories! I’m not just saying that because I wrote it.

2. With Love

Christmas is very wasteful, I think that’s clear. Card giving in the UK means cutting down roughly 33 million trees alone. Maybe this year you could try giving a card with more use to it? Or just send someone a snapchat instead.

Most of these cards are made with seedpaper. This is a genius way to not only reduce waste, but support the biosphere. Alternatively you could recycle last years cards by crossing out the names and writing new ones in them. Who would even notice?

3. Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree

This Christmas I am sure you’ve pulled out the same tree from your loft that you’ve been using for the past decade. You probably got it from Argos or Tesco because, let’s face it, they do the best deals. We’ve done the same! But for plenty of people, finding a more environmentally alternative has been a fun way to think outside the (christmas tree) box.. Sorry, I am trying to be punny.

Here are some of my fave alternatives, from wall hangings to tree clippings.

4.That’s a Wrap

This Christmas, why don’t you opt for more sustainable wrapping? This year my gift was moving back to the northern hemisphere, but next year I can’t wait to make my own wrapping paper! Last year I wrapped up all my gifts in brown paper and newspaper, taking full advantage of the pictures of Theresa May and the like, drawing my own cartoons with them! I like to think I am pretty funny.


5.Now Bring Us Some Figgy Pudding.

The average British household makes 30% more waste and spends an average of £169 on food alone*. To reduce the organic waste you create, remember to store your foods correctly. Consider freezing to store leftovers. Stay conscious of the plastic packaging you buy your goodies in.

Like to cook? Think of simple things such as hummus, cookies and crisps. These are the sorts of snacks that you can make with ingredients usually hiding in your cupboards. The packaging is far more sustainable for most of the ingredients, as they can be recycled. You’re reducing your waste by cutting down on all that plastic packaging. The home may a busy place for you at the moment, but taking the time to prepare food instead of buying prepackaged can be a healthier alternative for you AND mother nature


So there you have it, my countless hours on Pinterest and Instagram ogling over other people’s Christmas antics has come to some use. Share down below how you plan on having a greener Christmas this year!

D x

*According to