It's my Birthday - Reflections of a 20 something year old.

me looking like a bellend trying to climb a rock in a bronze age stone circle, but metaphorically, me climbing into my mid twenties.

me looking like a bellend trying to climb a rock in a bronze age stone circle, but metaphorically, me climbing into my mid twenties.

Today is my birthday, and I wanted to share my thoughts with you on this special day in my life.

The past two weeks I have been reflecting on the incredible year I have had. I backpacked round the UK in a tent with my mum and sister. I was finally reunited with my love after 6 months of living on opposite hemispheres. I travelled to Auckland and met awesome people, and I worked and lived in Byron Bay! I also moved to Munich and quit retail after 10👏🏽long👏🏽years. I have begun pursuing my biggest dreams, to be a creative advocate for social and environmental change and to make music.

I have also had some really tough times, dealing with buried demons and unresolved feelings. As I get older I realise that I do not navigate my life the way I truly desire. I have had to look inward, asking myself simply, “What do I want?”. I can see I’ve grown to fear my dreams. “They’re so big, so unattainable” I often tell myself. “just give up”. I have quit a lot of things in the past. Many for good reason. Many more not. Eventually though, I conditioned myself: get hurt, move on. Don’t look back.

I am stopping this shit right here.

I adore my life. I have been blessed in so many wonderful ways. I am loved. My family is my world (though I may not show it often enough) and I know the rarest gems, scattered all over the globe, who I am lucky to call friends. But as you probably already know, life isn’t all coming up daisies. I have battled my fair share of demons, some bigger than others. I came out stronger in so many ways, but sometimes in battle we learn to adapt. Sometimes we don’t know how to stop fighting. Now I wanna use that fight to build my life, rather than hinder it.

Man, this rollercoaster life has lead me to a place where I am finally focusing on me. There are things I want to nurture (like my music and writing). There are things I want to face head on (like reducing my stress and working towards my dreams). I have worked hard to be in the position where I can focus on the things I love. It is a fantastic (and hella daunting) place to be. Breaking away from the 9-5 has allowed me to reevaluate my priorities.


This holiday season, instead of promoting blog posts and networking, I want to focus on spending time with family. This is the first Christmas I have had with them in two years. This is also the first full Christmas season I will be home for in a decade, thanks to my slaving away in retail for so long.

I owe this festive period to my incredible parents, my loving grandparents, my phenomenal sister, my ever supportive partner and his beautiful family. The people who have supported me from opposite ends of the Earth, and have loved me unconditionally. Not to social media. I am so honoured to have this time to show my loved ones how important they are.

I will be online of course, I love sharing my army of cats on Insta stories (; . I will still be blogging too (obviously.. I am too damn opinionated not to), just less than probably expected. But I wanted to acknowledge your support, and to let you know how much I value it. I have so many big plans, projects that I’m so excited to share with you. Music that I want to play for you. Art that I want to show you. Hard work coming into fruition; I want you there to experience it with me.

Over the next year, I look forward to meeting more conscious individuals, more artists, more creatives. I still have some awesome posts up my sleeve for 2018 (so keep ya eyes peeled), but I am thankful for your understanding as I spend this valuable time with my loved ones.

as they say.. it’s always quiet before the storm.

D x