The Earth is Painted in Flowers

Hey, I am so excited to share with you the sets from my shoot with the incredible Cailin Rose and Ebony Morris.

Working with women is an incredible thing and something as a musician and a model that I haven't experienced nearly enough. These beautiful ladies have made art out of simplicity, offering a raw and candid result. There was a quiet strength, working together with respect and desire to create something that stood for itself. The end product tells a story. 

  Cailin Rose and Ebby Morris collaborate regularly, together possessing an eye for simplicity, effortlessness and ease. Together they are embarking on a new project to capture the raw moments of weddings. How lovely.

This collaboration included a brand I have worked closely with, Citizen Nomade. Offering bespoke minimalism, this slow fashion brand is family run. With both in house design and handpicked luxury garments, they are one of my firm favourite fashion stops.

It is important that we support independent business. Not only are we acknowledging the hard work behind an individual (or group of individuals) who have taken the plunge to own their own business, but we are also respecting their very vision. To start small is to start personal. Citizen Nomade reflects the owner Joc, who’s timeless pieces epitomise elegance. Together with her store manager Jakki, they create an immersive experience unlike any other.

Another brilliant thing about supporting independent is because you can usually discover more about the origins of the materials, who makes the garments, and who designs them. No mass market and no mass production also means that you have a garment that not everyone will have (yeah I know we all love Zara too much). Plus, your hard earned money is a vote of confidence, saying ‘I support you, I see you.’

What slow fashion or sustainable brands are your favourites? Any you could recommend?