What Sappho Said - Refugees in Lesbos

A few weeks ago I came across a brand on Asos Marketplace called Reflect. I was immediately drawn to their ethos, focusing on creating transitional pieces that tell a story. Their aim is to have a social impact through their designs by shedding light on important stories.

I bought the Lesbos tee.

credit: Luca Barth / brand: Reflect

credit: Luca Barth / brand: Reflect

This unisex tee is made from 100% organic woven cotton. The golden quote on the back is from Sapphos, the famous (female) Greek poet who inhabited the island around 600bc. She was greatly admired for her sensual and elegant poetry.

Once a famous travel destination, Lesbos is now a hub for refugees. Over 1 million displaced individuals have battled to get to the island since 2015, with the largest and most hostile camp ‘Moria’ holding more than 8500 people alone, just under 2,000 of which are children. Frightening figures considering Moria camp has a 2000 person capacity.

The refugee crisis continues as reports describe children as young as ten are attempting suicide. The Greek government has been under scrutiny following the reports that these people are living in inhabitable standards, yet they have received funding from the EU.

This T-shirt is part of a collection by Reflect, called ‘You Made It’. Delving into the lives of refugees, each garment tells a different story. To look through the garments and their meaning is eyeopening. The materials used by Reflect are sustainably and locally sourced. They are transparent in their making process, and are advocates against human rights violations and environmental abuse.

Arguably, we are a society beyond ridding consumerism. One thing we can change though, is how our consumerism impacts the world we inhabit. Buying from local, buying organic, buying to support a cause. These are effective ways to support sustainable and ethical brands. Taking a moment to seek out quality garments that aren’t mass produced or made synthetically is super important. Finding something that tells a story can give fashion more purpose.

Do you think we can use consumerism to benefit the world? How else can we help these people going through suffering?

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