What’s New: with Dionyves

I am such a perfectionist that it has taken me the longest time to get back to writing, but I had an epiphany! I realised that while there isn’t much of a connect between my blog and my Instagram. I really want to change that, and what better way than to actually keep you up to date! So, I am going to try out posting what will be happening each week so that you amazing people can keep up to date with what’s guaning.



As some of you may know, we are 6 weeks into Slow Fashion Season. Roughly 15,000 people around the world pledged to buy nothing new for 3 months. Instead we can thrift, repair, refashion, borrow or make our garments. This is because the textile industry is one of the top 3 leading polluters, and with the average person buying 64 garments a year, when we toss our old clothes we are creating 12.8 million tonnes of waste annually! Honey, that ain’t sustainable! Good news is, you can join anytime!


I am super excited about this forthcoming week! I am taking part in #colormycloset, hosted by some brilliant sustainababes. This awesome challenge was created by @chloandclothes last winter when she wanted to get more creative with her wardrobe. Fast forward to over 1000 posts later and we are about to see our feeds brighten up a whole lot, with the challenge starting 5th of August and lasting 9 days. I am eager to connect with lots of new sustainable bloggers and see what they post.

This is the first time I am taking part, and I really want to push myself! So in the spirit of slow fashion season, I will be taking part with slow fashion fits wherever possible! If you want to keep up to date or even join in (that would be so cool!) then search the hashtag or go to @coloringourclosets to get some major rainbow inspo!


You may have heard the term before, and no doubt you’ll be hearing more of it. This week I want to delve into what greenwashing is, and how to avoid becoming a victim of it. Companies such as Zara and H&M are coming under fire for promoting their ‘conscious’ collections without actually taking the necessary changes to help their customer reduce their footprint, or make long standing changes to ensure less clothing ends up in the landfill.


This week I will be sharing my latest instalment in #howtowear scarves. It’s been a hot minute, but thanks to posts from amazing bloggers like @thisjustynthrifting and @thrift.guru, I’m feeling inspired. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned scarf styler, I’ve got a look for you. Here are some of the inspiring babes I’ve been ogling at this week. Click on the pictures to open up their awesome sustainable profiles!

I am very excited to share my colourful feed with you this week, but I would really love to hear what YOU would like to see more of. So send me a message here or on instagram, or simply comment below. Your feedback is appreciated! Have a lovely week y, all.

Dionyves Martin