What's New: with Dionyves

So we’re a day late but who actually cares?! What am I learning from this? That when it comes to work others give me, I am on it like donkey honk, but when it comes to my own I feel lost and just forfeit the whole thing. NO MORE, DION!

Here’s a little of what to expect from me over the next week…


The past week on insta, I have been participating in color my closet. (See last weeks ‘What’s New’ to read more about it) Since last Friday I haven’t posted thanks to weather/konmari clearing my closet/phone problems/work schedule/anxiety days, so this week you are in for a treat! Watch out for Green, I will be going into Greenwashing, and releasing a blog post with it.


Home page imagery from Organic Basics

Home page imagery from Organic Basics

I am so excited! Organic Basics design comfortable, eco conscious and ethical underwear and basics for all. I have been so keen to get my hands on a set, and the Organics Basics team reached out last week to see if I wanted to review some of their designs.

Tune in tomorrow to see my unboxing, and keep an eye out for the end of the week to see my full review. FYI, it’s not me who has you waiting, it’s my period. I am living in my Thinx pants right now! (Who else uses these brilliant panties?)


Last week I promised you a new #howtowear scarf video. Having been caught up in all that was mentioned earlier, I am excited to film the next one in the coming days.


eeek! Saturday will be World Thrift Day and I am LIVING FOR IT!

wearing my fully thrifted fit y’all

wearing my fully thrifted fit y’all

Currently, 70% of clothing is made with synthetic materials, that take an extremely long time to decompose. On top of that, an estimated €443 billion is spent globally on clothing each year, that is barely or never worn. With these figures, it is estimated that by 2050, the fashion industry will be responsible for consuming more than a quarter of the world’s annual carbon budget. This is CRAZY, and highly unsustainable.

So, ever the thrifty sister, I will be sharing with you guys my fave thrift finds, as well as asking the instagram community to share their best second hand style. I hope to see you joining in the fun!